Go Texas Rangers!

Personal / March 30, 2011

When people talk about football, basketball, and hockey I really don’t know much about what they’re talking about, but I’ve been a fan of the Texas Rangers since I was a little kid getting autographs at the batting cages at the old Arlington Stadium.  I used to hang out there by a fence just on the other side of the center field wall where the players would go before games for batting practice.  I wouldn’t have to pay for a ticket to the game and I would get all kinds of autographs and even broken bats every now and then.  I remember when Larry Parrish gave me his bat that he’d fractured in a batting cage.  I also have a picture of me and some baseball buddies with Don Mattingly.  The players were so much more accessible than they are now and it just seemed more fun even though the stadium was the worst in baseball.  My elementary school mind couldn’t tell that old Arlington Stadium was small and ugly.  I just knew that getting there early was extremely important if I wanted to be on the 1st and 3rd baselines after the batting practices for autographs.

Can we repeat last years success?  That would be very cool if we did.  If we do, I will definitely get to the stadium earlier than last year for tickets to the playoffs.

2010 World Series - The Ballpark at Arlington


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