Nicholas and Katie are super hip and super fun!  I met them in uptown Dallas at their favorite place to grab a bite to eat and we just walked around after that.  THEN we headed over to the Trinity River area and Katie showed me a park over there that at first I just wasn’t sure if we could do anything there, but it ended up being one of the best places of the day.  Love these pictures.



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  1. Hi Hansel,

    You have such a great eye for capturing the right wedding moment, outstanding work!

    Photographer Igor
    Fort Worth,TX

  2. Adorable couple! I LOVE the processing. Very nice work!

  3. Hansel,
    Great job of capturing the emotion of the couple. They look like they are truly in love.

  4. Mama Meek

    I.Love.This.Couple & LOVE your photo’s of them! Thank you, Hansel!



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