Hung out the other night with Zack Arias and three other photographers to get learned on some flash photography.  Had an amazing time and learned just how much more I have to learn.  Zack is an amazing guy.  A very humble dude and turned me on to NewCastle beer and The xx’s.

Dallas Portrait Photographer

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Dallas Portrait Photographer

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Dallas Portrait Photographer

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Dallas Portrait Photographer

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Dallas Portrait Photographer

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Dallas Portrait Photographer

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  1. LOVE! What kind of modifier was used in the shot with the tall grass behind the girl?

  2. It was a 50 inch soft box with a hot shoe flash. :) Pretty simple stuff.

  3. aaaaah! So jealous! I would love to go to one of his workshops. I bet it was awesome. Love the pics! Your new website and blog looks fantastic as well! :)

  4. Hi Hansel,

    I love your low key work, the black and white shot of the smoker is outstanding, great job, you are inspiring me to get out and create great photography.

    Igor Photography
    Fort Worth, TX

  5. Great results!
    I really have to go outside and play more with lights myself!

  6. Love these images. Great work. This post inspired me to take out my softbox more often.

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